My inspiration!

So what qualifies me to write a blog on only child parenting? First of all, I am pictured above with my only child, Joshua. I had always wanted 2 children, but my husband only wanted 1. We got married knowing we were not in agreement, but also knowing God was in control and He would work things out for good. We agonized over whether to stop with Joshua. We talked, prayed, and then decided to try for #2.

I got pregnant in early 2006 and lost the baby 18 weeks later. Doctors don’t know why. We had seen an ultrasound of a perfectly forming baby at 12 weeks. It was a difficult time for us – we oscillated between immediately trying for another and never trying again for fear of miscarriage. Friends who had experienced similar circumstances told us to wait to make the final decision. We waited a full year and are confident we made the right choice for our family.

Trust me when I say we encountered opposition. Both my family and my husband’s family “encouraged” us to reconsider. In the end we had to make the best choice for us. If you are considering a similar decision, you must do the same. Research the options, weigh the possible outcomes for your immediate family, and make the best choice for YOU. Sure Mama Valentine wanted another grandbaby, but was she going to carry the baby in a swollen body for 9 months – NO! LOL

So why else should you follow this blog? What do I have to offer? Well, for one thing, I am a Type A personality to the core. I research EVERYTHING before I make a decision. This was no exception. I spent months on websites, reading books and talking to people who were only children growing up, had an only child now and were considering the same.

I am not perfect and I do not have all the answers. You will see postings by other people as often as you see them from me. In fact, if you have a suggestion or a story you want to share, please contact me and I will consider posting it.

I hope my newest venture helps you – whether you are an only child, have an only child or are considering the possibilities of an only child for your family.


Alicia E. Staz