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I have found that electronic devices are part of every child’s reality in this day and age. I do limit my only child to using “electronics” for a certain amount of time per day.  However, they are invaluable when I have to drag him clothing shopping, shoe shopping or on a long car trip.  We never had those things growing up, but then again, I had a brother to beat on, tease and generally terrorize! LOL

I’m one of those people who has to have clean ears.  It sounds weird, but when my ear is itchy, it drives me to distraction. Having a child, I have always been super-careful when cleaning ears because I know that if you go too far, you can damage the eardrum for life.

Recently I was contacted by a new company called Clinere.  Theirs is the newest innovation in ear-cleaning since the cotton swab was invented in the 1920’s.  Their design is similar to a tool a physician might use, but is flexible and bendable so it can be safely used by consumers.

Clinere Ear Cleaners

The first thing to catch my eye was their claim to provide “instant itch relief”.  Sounds good to me – I will go through several Q-tips if that is what it takes to get relief.  The Clinere Ear Cleaners have 2 ends.  The first is shaped like a Q-tip, but made of soft spiral plastic.  It is meant to exfoliate the visible area inside the ear.

Clinere Flex

Wow – does it ever work to relieve my itchy ears.  It is a gentle scratching that takes care of the itch immediately!  Love it!

The second end is a scoop for removing earwax and debris from the entrance to the ear canal.

Clinere Spoon

“What about all the wax inside the ear,” you might ask. The ears natural process is to migrate wax to the outside.  When you use Q-tips, it is easy to push the wax back into the canal where it came from.  Scooping what naturally migrates to the outside will keep your ear in tip-top shape.

It really does work.  I used them on my son (who HATES) to have his ears cleaned.  He didn’t mind my using the Clinere Ear Cleaners because I didn’t need to go past the outer area of his ear.  His ears are staying much cleaner as a result and I don’t feel the need to clean them after every bath.

To learn more about Clinere Ear Cleaners please visit Clinere is available at WALMART, WALGREENS, CVS, MEIJER, HEB, SHOPKO, and K-MART.

Clinere would like to offer a lucky reader a 10 count box of Clinere Ear Cleaners. A 10 count package of Clinere retails for $5.99, but you can get them FREE here!

To enter please visit the Clinere website,, look around, then come back here and comment on which end of the ear cleaner you would appreciate most.

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*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own. Clinere Products will be supplying the prize.