It is finally here!  I was one of the people interviewed for The Case for the Only Child by Susan Newman, PhD.  You have to read it!! It was actually released on June 1, 2011.  I pre-ordered it and got it the first week.  I have been trying to finish it so I could give a full review of the book, but my schedule just isn’t allowing me to read it fast enough.

I do want to let everyone know that there is a FAB new book on only child parenting out – The Case for the Only Child.  The first few chapters are amazing.  I will be posting as I come across nuggets while reading.  In the meantime, I leave you with my favorite quote from the book so far, having just one child is the “place in between children and childlessness.”  There is another option!

After moving from PA to TX, my only child Joshua started to whine and complain constantly.  It was his reaction to the huge change in his life.  Even though I understood the reason for his bad attitude, I still couldn’t allow him to act in a way that was unacceptable for our family. I had purchased “Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining and Bad Attitudes” by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller several months ago.  Now was the time to read it.

This is from the inside flap of the book:

“Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller offer a thorough program for establishing honor as a basis of family life — not just children honoring parents, but parents respecting children and children honoring each other. Even if honor seems a long way off in your household, you will find practical suggestions here to bring that goal a little closer — suggestions for kids of all ages. Honor is the biblical value that will bring about good behavior. It’s more than just changing what kids do; it’s changing the deeper issues of the heart that triggered the behavior.”

The book has a lot to offer and I have no doubt it will change the way our family relates.  It talks about honoring our family members in every interaction.  Give the gift of treating them well.  You wouldn’t give your friend a bag full of dirt, would you?  Neither should you give your family harsh words or bad treatment.  The bottom line is that we should treat each other with honor – as valuable treasures. Parents AND children. I have no delusions – my son has learned bad relational habits from mommy and daddy.  The buck stops here.

There are 2 methods you can use for teaching honor to children.  The first one is “Obey First and Then We’ll Talk About It.”  I don’t know about your child, but mine has a bad habit of trying to “get out” of everything I ask him to do.  He doesn’t just say “no” which would be easier to deal with.  He tries to debate giving me 10 reasons why he shouldn’t do it.  Now, when I ask Joshua to get ready for bed and he starts telling me all the reasons why he should be able to stay up, I tell him to get his PJs on and then we will talk about it.  It teaches him that while he does have some say, there are also times when he needs to follow instructions.

When children learn to follow instructions without arguing, you can progress to the second method – “The Wise Appeal.” Ben comes home from school exhausted from a long day.  All he wants to do is sit and listen to some CDs.  As soon as he walks in the door, his mom asks him to skim the pool for the guests that are coming over later tonight.  His first thought is to argue that it isn’t fair – then he changes his approach.  He tells his mom that he understands the pool needs to be skimmed but he is really tired.  Would she be ok with him skimming the pool in a hour before everyone arrives?  Everyone’s needs are met and everyone is happy.  “The Wise Appeal” says:

“I understand that you want me to…because…”
“I have a problem with that because…”
“Could I please…?”

Children need to learn to appeal in an honoring way when they don’t agree.  It is something they will take with them into their jobs and their families when they get older. Do your family a favor – teach them about honor early in life.  They will thank you for it later!

I was introduced to a wonderful concept by a friend of mine.  I WISH I had come across it when my son was 2-3 years old.  Sadly, he is 6 and I haven’t yet taught him to ride a bike.  He has other outside riding toys and we were given a bike that he hasn’t quite grown into.  This summer – I promise!

Anyway, My friend Erin has 4 boys – YES, I said 4!  She is an amazing mom and also runs a website at Measure Me Gifts. One afternoon we were visiting and her hubby took their 3-year old son to the bus stop to get the older ones.  Brandon put on his helmet, got on his bike and rode away – HUH??  I did a double-take!  It turned out to be a Strider PREbike Balance Bike.  There were not any pedals, just the bike frame, seat and handle bars.  Let’s face it, the hardest part of riding a bike isn’t the pedaling, it is the balance!  Well this bike teaches kids balance when their center of gravity is 9 inches off the ground instead of 1.5 feet.

If you have a toddler or preschooler, this is something you do NOT want to miss out on!  Erin gave me a card to pass on to anyone who can use it.  It is a FREE shipping code for the Stider PREbike Balance Bike.  It will save you $12 when ordering from  Use  free-shipping code STRIDER1PADI01 at checkout.

Enjoy – and please let me know what you think!

We’re Three is a darling book by Vivian Cameron-Gallo about the joys of being in a small family – Mom, Dad and one little “bit.” Not only is it a cute story with beautiful illustrations, but it has three pages that invite the child to draw their house, things they do with their family, and a picture of their family. My son drew his pictures and now we have a fantastic family keepsake. You can buy this book at Enjoy!

Title: We’re Three: A Story About Families and the Only Child
Awards: 2009 Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence; 2010 Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year
Author: Vivian Cameron-Gallo
Illustrator: Christine Simcic
Publisher: Trafford Publishing (2008)
Reading Level: Ages 4-7 but suitable for all ages

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I’m one of those people who has to have clean ears.  It sounds weird, but when my ear is itchy, it drives me to distraction. Having a child, I have always been super-careful when cleaning ears because I know that if you go too far, you can damage the eardrum for life.

Recently I was contacted by a new company called Clinere.  Theirs is the newest innovation in ear-cleaning since the cotton swab was invented in the 1920’s.  Their design is similar to a tool a physician might use, but is flexible and bendable so it can be safely used by consumers.

Clinere Ear Cleaners

The first thing to catch my eye was their claim to provide “instant itch relief”.  Sounds good to me – I will go through several Q-tips if that is what it takes to get relief.  The Clinere Ear Cleaners have 2 ends.  The first is shaped like a Q-tip, but made of soft spiral plastic.  It is meant to exfoliate the visible area inside the ear.

Clinere Flex

Wow – does it ever work to relieve my itchy ears.  It is a gentle scratching that takes care of the itch immediately!  Love it!

The second end is a scoop for removing earwax and debris from the entrance to the ear canal.

Clinere Spoon

“What about all the wax inside the ear,” you might ask. The ears natural process is to migrate wax to the outside.  When you use Q-tips, it is easy to push the wax back into the canal where it came from.  Scooping what naturally migrates to the outside will keep your ear in tip-top shape.

It really does work.  I used them on my son (who HATES) to have his ears cleaned.  He didn’t mind my using the Clinere Ear Cleaners because I didn’t need to go past the outer area of his ear.  His ears are staying much cleaner as a result and I don’t feel the need to clean them after every bath.

To learn more about Clinere Ear Cleaners please visit Clinere is available at WALMART, WALGREENS, CVS, MEIJER, HEB, SHOPKO, and K-MART.

Clinere would like to offer a lucky reader a 10 count box of Clinere Ear Cleaners. A 10 count package of Clinere retails for $5.99, but you can get them FREE here!

To enter please visit the Clinere website,, look around, then come back here and comment on which end of the ear cleaner you would appreciate most.

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