Only Child Truths

Take a walk with me down the halls of my son’s school. I want to introduce you to several children. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. LOL

Gabriel is mischievous and fun-loving. Always getting in trouble and adding grey hairs to his teachers head. He has lots of friends and does well at school. He’s rarely stressed and wonders why his name is always on the board (well, not enough to ask, mind you!).

Nicholas is silly with his friends and at home, but serious about school. He does all his assignments for the week on Monday even though they aren’t due until Friday. Tell him the rules so he can follow them. He is deathly afraid his name will show up on the board (but of course, it never will!). Plays football and soccer.

Ben is quiet and intelligent. He doesn’t like answering questions in class because he doesn’t like drawing attention to himself. He leaves all his assignments until Thursday because, well, they aren’t due until Friday!

Carter is the class clown. He loves the limelight and is always saying goofy things to make his friends laugh. He knows he is smart and leaves his assignments and studying until the last minute because, well, because he’s smart! He follows the rules at school but gives mom a run for her money at home. Swims and plays tennis.

What do all these boys have in common? Nothing, right? Actually, they are all 4th grade boys and they are all only children!!

An 19-year old Aussie talks about being an only child. This video is a must-see. I love his perspective and his delivery is quite enjoyable. : )

This is another great video on the truths and myths surrounding only children from ABC News. Susan Newman, PhD a premier psychologist with strong view on only child parenting was interviewed for it, so it is a must-see. : )

Here is a delightful video from Good Morning in New Zealand. You have listen a bit harder than usual due to their accent, but their advice on raising an only child is “spot on”!

There is nothing earth-shattering or new, but it is a good listen if you are on the fence and/or dealing with grief from those around you on the possibility of having an only child. Gasp! LOL

It is finally here!  I was one of the people interviewed for The Case for the Only Child by Susan Newman, PhD.  You have to read it!! It was actually released on June 1, 2011.  I pre-ordered it and got it the first week.  I have been trying to finish it so I could give a full review of the book, but my schedule just isn’t allowing me to read it fast enough.

I do want to let everyone know that there is a FAB new book on only child parenting out – The Case for the Only Child.  The first few chapters are amazing.  I will be posting as I come across nuggets while reading.  In the meantime, I leave you with my favorite quote from the book so far, having just one child is the “place in between children and childlessness.”  There is another option!

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